Micro-Tech Consultants (MTC) was founded in 1984 by Mohan Mankikar. Its focus has been market research, analysis and consulting in the power supply industry. It currently produces multiclient and custom studies in AC-DC Switchers, DC-DC Converters. It provides consultations to various clients including merchant and captive power supply companies, power component manufacturers, electronic equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and financial community in the areas of business development, marketing strategies, new product introductions, competitive positioning and acquisition analysis. MTC publishes a widely-read, industry-extensive monthly newsletter called Power Electronics Industry News. In the last thirty three years, Micro-Tech Consultants has been the most recognized and widely quoted power supply market research company in the US. Its name and data have been used by all leading electronic trade publications, such as EBN Online, EETimes, EDN News, and Electronic News. MTC is an active member of Power Sources Manufacturer’s Association (PSMA).
Top 15 PS Manufacturers World Wide: 2015

              The Micro-Tech

  • Focus on Power Supply/Electronic Industry

  • Extensive Power Supply/Electronic Library and Databases

  • Over 30 years of Power Supply/Electronics Industry Experience, Participation, Contacts & Background

  • Obtains Marketing Information through exhaustive Primary Research

  • Publishes most Cost Effective and Comprehensive Standard Multi-client and Custom Market Reports with follow-up support

MTC Products & Services:
  • Power Supply/Electronic Industry Newsletter (Monthly)

  • Global Switching Power Supply Industry Report (Annually)Customized versions available

  • Acquisitions & Mergers (An Analyst & Finder)

  • Custom Consulting

  • Market Presentations/Seminars